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Flux Pavilion Concert Video

  • Flux Pavilion - "Do Or Die ft. Childish Gambino (Live)
  • Flux Pavilion - "Day Dreamer" (Live at the Music Experiment)
  • London Train
  • Flux Pavilion Fans Take Sunset Blvd
  • Egypt

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Music Experiment next year

Relive the Music Experiment, Over and Over and Over Again

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Got some downtime before the holidays creep up? Watch exclusive performance videos taken live from the Music Experiment 2012 now. Watch Santigold get down in Chapel Hill, as The Jezabels take a ride t...


Los Angeles Goes Gaga for Flux

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Talk about the ultimate throw down?! Last night's Music Experiment secret performance by Flux Pavilion in Hangar 8 at the Santa Monica Airport was incredible! Gothic Neon was no easy feat, but LA...

Music ExperimentLos Angeles show tonight

Tonight's the Flux Pavilion Show!!!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Major shout out to Flux Pavilion who is set to rock the final Music Experiment secret show (presented by Intel) tonight in Los Angeles! If you were one of the lucky fans to score a ticket, congrats be...

Flux pavilion countdown

Countdown to the Final Music Experiment: The Flux Pavilion Interview

by Lauren Zupkus & Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

There's less than 36 hours before you start getting ready for the Music Experiment show, Los Angeles!!! ARE YOU READY?!!! We can't hear you.... As if you could wait another moment, we decided to bles...


Los Angeles Ticket Pick Up: The Details

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

We have less than 24 hours until the doors at Amoeba Music on Sunset swing open and the tickets to see Flux Pavilion perform live in Los Angeles are released. Woo hoo!  Are you ready for the big...

Flux Pavilion Performs

5 Tips Before You See Flux Pavilion Live

by Lauren Zupkus | 2 years ago

Prepare to freaking party. MTV Iggy teamed up with Intel to put on another epic, free secret show as part of our ongoing series, The Music Experiment. This time, for the finale of our four-show r...

MTV IGGY 100% Theme

We're at 100% La La Land! Here's the Theme...

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

You might want to know the theme for the final secret show in the 2012 Music Experiment series presented by Intel. Since you already know that Flux Pavilion is the headliner, and that he's on that dub...

MTV IGGY Big Reveal LA

The Big Reveal Sooner Than We Thought?

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Wow, Los Angeles... you guys are unlocking this map sooner than we thought. And since we're faced with the potential for the sudden reveal of the hidden location hoarding all of the tickets to Flux Pa...

Flux Pavilion

30% Way to Go, Los Angeles!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Apparently you guys are just as psyched as we are about our big reveal of the final Music Experiment artist. 30% already?! Way to go!! Think you're ready for a memorable dubstep romp in La La Land? T...

Flux Pavilion

Tweeting Has Begun, Los Angeles

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Guess who's headlining the final secret Music Experiment show? Dubstep DJ and Producer Flux Pavilion is set to close out the city of Los Angeles come November 13th, with a party at an undisclosed loca...

The Jezabels Portland

We're Still Going! One more Show to Go....

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

You couldn't have forgotten about us that fast, right? With one more show to go and a couple of surprises up our sleeves, Los Angeles here we come! Hands down, this show will be off the meter! But wh...

60sec preview portland

Here's Your Sneak Peek, Portland

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Oh how we love The Jezabels... Not only did they kill their Music Experiment show in Portland, they literally rocked the boat. No one was left unhappy on the infamous Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler, our ...

Jezabels Portland2

PDX, Tonight's the Night

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Intel Presents: The Music Experiment finally hits Portland tonight, and it is going to be the experience of all experiences. We're not sure Portland or steampunk (the event's theme) will ever be the s...

Theme Portland

The Jig is Up, Portland! Got your tickets? More Info Just For You...

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Oh Portland, with just 3 days to go before The Jezabels secret show presented by Intel, our nerves are totally shot. We've been trying to figure out the best way to give you ALL of the details, with o...

Tickets Portland

We're at 100% Portland!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Way to go, Portlandians. Now that you've successfully unlocked the map, it's pick up time. Think you're ready to see The Jezabels perform live a la steampunk for The Music Experiment? Presen...


Whohoo! 31%! Yay, Portland!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Can you really blame for being super psyched? We're just one week away from ME Portland and we're at 31%! Nice job, gang. This is our third show/city in the ME 2012 lineup so far, and seeing how each...

Jezabels videos

What do you know about The Jezabels?

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Hey there, Portland... If you're wondering why we paired up The Jezabels with your city, then perhaps you should sit back and get familiar with this awesome indie band from Sydney, like right now. Wi...

The Jezabels Portland

The Jezabels are Heading to Porland

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

With secret show number three on the way, the Music Experiment, presented by Intel and powered by MTV Iggy, is almost over. But it's not over yet, Portlandians. This is your chance to join in on all t...

Music Experiment Portland

It's On You, Portland....

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Tweeting has officially begun for the Music Experiment show in Portland, featuring the awesome Aussie folk rockers, The Jezabels. We're just weeks away from the concert, presented by Intel and powered...

Music Experiment full concert Santigold

Watch Santigold Live, Now.

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

If only we could have given you access to Santigold's entire show, right?! Sorry, fans, that special performance was reserved for the select few who attended the epic event, presented by Intel and pow...

Santigold facebook show

Watch Santigold's Live Performance Now on Facebook

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

While it's true that all good things must come to an end, the Music Experiment is the gift that keeps on giving. And if the fans from Chapel Hill has any word on the matter, Santigold's Music Experime...

Santigold music experiment


by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Wow! What an amazing night! Your costumes were amazing, the ambiance was insane and Santigold simply shut it down. It was a moment in time that could never be recreated folks, and thanks to you, every...

Santigold Music Experiment Exclusive preview

Behind the Scenes Before the ME Chapel Hill show...

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

You've been waiting for the main event, and like we just reminded you, it's finally here. But who wants to wait four more hours to see what's happening in Chapel Hill? Here's a sneak peek into round t...

showtime santigold

It's Almost Showtime, Chapel Hill!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Chapel Hill, are you ready for tonight's epic event?! After all of your hard work tweeting to unlock the map, the day where you get to see Santigold perform live has finally arrived! We're just a cou...

chapel hill line

Chapel Hill is AMAZING!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Talk about coming out in support of your favorite artist.... Chapel Hill, you came out in droves when it came to ticket pick up time, yesterday. Even before that, as the map drew closer to the finish ...

Music Experiment theme chapel hill

The Theme for Chapel Hill is...

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

It's now 4pm. Do you know where your Santigold tickets are? They're at The Clothing Warehouse, silly! If you were smart enough to get to the ticket location on time, you're probably coasting all the ...

santigold pickup

Chapel Hill, Your Map is Officially Unlocked!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Way to go, Chapel Hill! The map is finally at 100%, you did it! Applaud yourselves.  And now that the secret location is revealed, you know exactly where you need to go to pick up your pair...

50% Santigold

We're Halfway There! 50% to Go for Santigold

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Keep up the good work, guys. There's only 50% left to go to unlock the map. Soon you'll know the exact locations where you can find free tickets to see Santigold perform live in Chapel Hill at the Mus...

Santigold Big Mouth Lyrics

Sing along with Santigold: "Big Mouth"

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

For the most part, it's pretty easy to nail the lyrics to a Santigold record, right? If you can capture her soulful energy, you might be just what we're looking for come showtime.  See, each Mus...

Santigold Music Experiment photos

Get the Map to 25% Today + New Santigold Photos

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

We're making some progress fans... but not enough to reveal the secret locations on the map just yet. It's time to rally the troops and start tweeting #musicexperiment pronto. Don't you want to know w...


15% Says the Map for Chapel Hill

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

We love Santigold, and it's obvious you do, too! After only a few days of open tweeting, the map is at 15% and rising. At a rate like this, we'll be hitting the 100% mark and unlocking the Chapel Hill...

Santigold Music Experiment kick off

The Chapel Hill Tweet-Off has begun!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

The Music Experiment Chapel Hill show is now open for tweeting! Whoohoooo! Start tweeting now to get the map to reveal the secret locations where free Santigold tickets are being held. Come on, North ...

Two days and change until tweeting begins

Round Two: Two days left Until Tweeting Begins!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

At the time of this post, there are only two days, twenty hours and twenty minutes before tweeting begins for round two ofhe Music Experiment featuring Santigold! Presented by Intel and powered by MTV...

Live at the Music Experiment NYC

Watch the ME NY Show Starring Of Monsters and Men Now!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

It's on, folks. We present you with exclusive videos from the Music Experiment New York secret show starring Of Monsters and Men, right here on this site. Watch as hundreds of fans dressed in theme (1...


ME NY Instagram Pics are live!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

If you were one of the lucky guests to attend the Music Experiment secret show in New York City—presented by Intel, powered by MTV Iggy and starring Of Monsters and Men, then you remember the sl...

OMAM behind the scenes secret show

New Photos from the Of Monsters and Men Secret Show are Up!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

It has been a week since the Music Experiment New York secret show featuring Of Monsters and Men, and to be quite honest, we're still feeling pumped! Maybe it's because we just a slew of new exclusive...

Facebook omam

You Didn't Forget Us, Now, Did You?

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

It hasn't been that long since Of Monsters and Men took the stage in New York City for the Music Experiment? Has it?  While it's only been a few days, we've been working away at getting you exclu...

ME NYC SHOW preview

ME New York was a HUGE Success!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Thanks to all who came out last night for the official Music Experiment kick-off in New York City. Fans came out in droves, and dressed to the nines. It was actually super impressive to see how you gu...

SHOWtime nyc music experiment

9 Hours Until Showtime, OMAM

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Tonight's the night! Of Monsters and Men are officially performing in their Music Experiment secret show in New York City! Are you ready?! Doors open tonight at 7:30 and the band is ready to rock&mdas...

A surprise guest music experiment

A Surprise Musical Guest?

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

By now you should know the basics of The Music Experiment presented by Intel and powered by MTV Iggy... four artists, four secret shows and you're in control of it all. Via your tweets using the hasht...

Behind the Scenes with OMAM Music Experiment NYC

Behind the Scenes With Of Monsters and Men

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Now that we're just two days away until the official Music Experiment kickoff event, why not see a little behind-the-scenes action with the first band set to perform live in New York City?  &nbs...

More tickets Music Experiment NYC

More Tickets for New York City!!! Come Get'Em!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Well, well, well. You guys totally rocked yesterday, claiming hundreds of tickets in a matter of a few hours. Looks like some of you are a wee bit excited about seeing Of Monsters and Men perform live...

Music Experiment Theme NYC

A Theme? More Surprises for NYC Ticketholders!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

We probably should have told you that there was more in store for you ticketholders...but why ruin the surprise? ;) For those of you picking up tickets as we speak, and for those of you on the way, a...

New York Reveal

New York City, Pick Up Your Tickets to See Of Monsters and Men!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

#WIN! The map is finally at 100%. Totally rocking, guys, you did it! And now that the secret locations are revealed, you can go to any of the three venues listed above to pick up a pair of free ticke...

Music Experiment news

Let Us Explain How The Music Experiment Works....

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Applaud yourselves, fans. The map is now at 43%, but do you really understand what that means? Let us break it down. 1) There are four secrets shows in four different cities, featuring four differen...

My Head is an Animal

Get to Know Of Monsters and Men

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

You know, you don't have to wait until the ME New York secret show presented by Intel and powered by MTV Iggy, to actually hear Of Monsters and Men tunes.... My Head is an Animal, the 14-track (US ver...

Of Monsters and Men Trick Shot video

We're Days Away from the ME New York Show

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Just a few days shy of The Music Experiment New York show, presented by Intel and powered by MTV Iggy, the map is getting closer to the big reveal. We're at 31% and your tweets are making all the diff...

Music Experiment Facebook launch

Win VIP Passes and More on Facebook

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Way to go, guys, The ME New York map is at 26%! Thanks to your tweets, we're only 1/4 of the way to unlocking the secret ticket locations, where you can score tickets to the show of a lifetime.  ...

OMAM Numb Bears

Sing Along to OMAM's "Numb Bears"

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Tired of simply whistling to the intro of OMAM's "Numb Bears"? Or are the "La La La's" from the catchy hook the only lines you seem to remember? Either way, The Music Experiment has got you covered. S...

OMAM Outtakes

The Super Natural OMAM Outtakes...

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Okay, yeah. Of Monsters and Men are super cool, low key and charmingly mysterious. But check out what happened when we got all six members of the band onto a Los Angeles set for a special ME photo sho...

Of Monsters and Men Passion Pit Remix

Good Times With OMAM + A Passion Pit Remix

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

Didn't we tell you that Of Monsters and Men were busy busy? Surely touring the globe over the past few weeks has been no small feat, but now it seems that even OMAM tunes are getting a rework. Enter t...

Reykjavik, Iceland via Of Monsters and Men

Two More Weeks Until OMAM Hit NYC!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

In just two short weeks, Of Monsters and Men will be hitting the stage for the ME New York secret show presented by Intel and powered by MTV Iggy. And thanks to your consistent tweets, we're...


The #MusicExperiment is Live!

by Amy Andrieux | 2 years ago

After weeks of planning and secret talks, The Music Experiment is live! The countdown to the epic music experiment, where passionate music fans like you can connect with a few amazing artist...


Flux Pavilion Video

  • Datsik and Flux Pavilion: Ups and Downs On the 1s and 2s

About Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion (aka Joshua Steele) has been a dubstep pioneer in the UK since early 2009 and has amassed fans across the US and UK, thanks to the immense success of his breakout single “Bass Cannon” which remains one of the highest selling dubstep tracks to date in America. A multi-instrumentalist/producer and singer, Flux is paving the way for the new breed of Dubstep DJ’s.